Hi, I am Etta! I am the artist/designer behind Etta Kostick Designs. I have been living in Chicago for many years but am originally from rural Massachusetts. I was first introduced to glass by my parents, who taught me lampworking (a form of glassblowing) at the age of seven. Around the age of twelve I began selling glass beads, small necklace bottles, and pendants to local stores around New England.
When I moved to Chicago in 2007 I wanted to find a way to continue working with glass. I decided to try stained glass which I was always intrigued by and quickly fell in love with the craft. I loved discovering the many colors and textures of the glass and its relationship to light. I began teaching myself techniques in my spare time.
Over the years my fascination with glass and metal-work has led me to pursue different methods of manipulating glass. For many years my focus was on glass jewelry. My jewelry lines incorporated techniques such as hand faceting glass, fusing glass with metal inclusions, and combining stained glass with intricate metal work.
Over time my focus has shifted to larger format designs, such as my suncatchers. My latest suncatcher collection features metal shapes that incorporate negative space as part of the overall design. I love the transformative properties that occur when integrating multiple materials together. Glass work has been a continual source of inspiration to me, and I am excited to see where this inspiration will take my designs next!