Etta is compelled by jewelry in its many different forms and applications. She grew up in the woods and by the seashore in Massachusetts, in a family of glassblowers. After moving to Chicago in 2007 she started experimenting with stained glass, attracted to the many colors, textures, and its relationship to light.
 Over the years Etta's fascination with jewelry has grown and has lead her to pursue and experiment with different methods of manipulating glass and metal. Crushed gemstones with metal inclusions, hand faceted fused glass, and intricate soldering work are some of the techniques Etta uses in her jewelry. She loves the transformative properties that occur when integrating multiple materials together.
 Etta's love of jewelry was initially inspired by tribal jewelry and adornments she had collected from South Asia. Strong shapes and the feeling of empowerment they give to the wearer are elements that inspire her. Her jewelry incorporates bold designs as well as more delicate and organic elements that emulates things she sees in nature. Etta is constantly exploring and developing new visions for her work in jewelry.